Rabbit Emergencies


 If you have found a wild rabbit or hare in need of help, call us at 303-249-0760.



Please note that it may take us a while to return your call if we’re in the middle of caring for our patients, so please keep your phone handy as you await our return call. Intakes are by appointment only.

In the mean time, if the bunny is obviously injured or sick, or known to be an orphan, please contain it in a box with a soft towel or other cloth on the bottom. Rabbits stress very easily, so it’s important to keep them warm and quiet until you can transport them to us. Please keep pets and children away and don’t touch or handle him/her any more than necessary. For adult animals or babies with their eyes open, you can add a few handfuls of grass for him/her to eat.

Generally, a rabbit will need to come into rehabilitation if it has been in the mouth of a cat or dog, has obvious wounds or fractures, or is sitting out in the open and makes no attempt to flee when approached.

Nests of baby rabbits that have been disturbed can often be successfully re-built and the mother will usually continue to care for her babies. But, if any of the babies have been injured, feel cold, or look weak or dehydrated, please call us for advice.